The Giles Medal

The Giles Medal

The Giles Medal for Research Excellence has been established by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) as its most prestigious international award for scientific research. The medal itself has been designed by an internationally renowned sculptor and medal artist to reflect the esteem of the award.

The award has been named in recognition of Dr Lynton Giles, an inaugural member of the Research Committee of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and the first chiropractor in Australia to be awarded a PhD. Dr Giles went on to publish a significant body of scientific peer reviewed basic and clinical science research concerning the spine and a strong advocate for scientific investigation of chiropractic theories and clinical procedures.

The purpose of the Giles Medal was to establish an international chiropractic research award that acknowledges and recognizes researchers with a sustained track record of excellence in scientific research of relevance to the practice of chiropractic. The medal may therefore be awarded to any person, from any health discipline, based anywhere in the world who has published a body of scientific peer reviewed research of relevance to healthcare and the practice of chiropractic.

This would normally be evidenced by a body of published scientific peer-reviewed research that has had a significant impact on:

  • our understanding of mechanisms that enable good health, or
  • the reliability and validity of patient assessment or
  • the reliability and validity of treatment and management provided to patients.

A strict nomination protocol and rigorous selection process is in place which includes the Giles Medal Scientific Advisory Committee (GMSAC), an independent committee chaired by the chair of the WFC Research Council.

The medal recipient for any given year will be announced publically in August of that year and the Medal will normally be presented to the recipient at the ACA Annual Conference usually held in October of the same year. The ACA encourages chiropractors to consider providing nominations for this prestigious international research award.